• What do I need prior to my first regular session?

    Before starting the regular sessions make sure you have a high speed internet connectivity and that Akshharam® learning materials are delivered to you.

  • Do I need books for the sessions?

    Yes, books are needed for sessions. These will be provided as part of the learning kit at the time of enrolling with Akshharam®.

  • Do I need a digital pen?

    No need to have one.

  • What happens if I want to cancel the session?

    You can inform 24hours prior to the scheduled session for any cancellations to avoid charges.

  • What happens if tutor cancel the session?

    If tutor cancels lesson supplement teachers may cover if necessary. Alternatively we arrange rescheduling of the cancelled lesson at a mutually convenient time.

  • What if there is internet connectivity issues?

    In case our connection is lost we arrange another session to compensate the missed lesson. For example if you lost 10minutes of the session due to our connectivity issues we will add 10minutes to your next session. Please note that we are not responsible for technical issues at your end.

  • What are the timings for the sessions?

    The timeslots for your sessions are as agreed between you and Akshharam®. We always find a day and timeslot convenient to your geographical location.

  • How often are the sessions?

    Harishree course are a minimum of 2 sessions per week and a maximum of 4 sessions per week.
    Vaayanashaala course is 1 session in 2 weeks
    Kuttikathakal is on-demand basis.

  • How do I enrol for the course?

    Call/Email/Whatsapp us to know more and book a trial session. Once that’s completed you will be advised by Akshharam® team on further procedures.