About Akshharam

Akshharam® Online Malayalam language learning school offers live classes and real tutors which provides the most interactive and fun way to learn Malayalam language. In our online school we provide both private and group lessons online for the age group of 5 years onwards.

We provide customized lesson plans for each class based on their interest and language levels. We use the most effective method for each student which help them learn how to read, write and most importantly speak Malayalam language. For our classes we use readers, textbooks, audio, video files to improve vocabulary and build confidence to speak. We also ship our learning material kit to your address before the classes begin.

ഹരിശ്രീ Harishree Online Sessions

This course is for children with very little or no knowledge of Malayalam.

What will you learn in Harishree course?

  • Malayalam reading, writing and basic speaking skills.
  • Understand and communicate in simple every day activities with family and friends.

How will you learn

  • Interactive online sessions with a live tutor.
  • Carefully designed learning materials will be shipped upon enrolment of the course.
  • Access to our online contents are provided as appropriate to the lessons.

Types of classes

Private 1:1 sessions
Recommended for students who need personalised lessons. Also, a great way to start the sessions in preparation to the move to Group sessions.

Group sessions Kids in these sessions benefit from personalised learning and also overcome the fear of using Malayalam in front of others. Kids love company in addition to the teacher in the lessons!

വായനശാല Vaayanashaala Online Sessions

This course is suited for kids who have complete Level -1 Harishree Sessions and wish to practice Malayalam speaking, reading and writing. Each session has a pre-defined theme for which supporting materials will be given prior to lessons. These sessions meet once in 2 weeks.

കുട്ടികഥകള്‍ Kuttikathakal Sessions

This course is designed to introduce rich culture of Kerala to students. Cross thematic design of this course aim to inculcate an interest and connect to their roots. We introduce mythology, poetry, games and more!


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